a graphic + web design studio

The Creative Process

step 02

Using the information gathered from the consult and questionnaire I'll create a comprehensive multipage design strategy that will align with goals and the vision of your business. This is one of the most important parts of the process because once approved it will guide the rest of the design process.

step 01
Contact + Booking

Once your reach out to me I will reply back and promptly schedule a consultation via Skype or over the phone. This is the time for me to listen to your needs + expectations and answer your questions. Whether on the phone, or Skype, we will discuss your vision for your new brand and make sure were a good fit to work together. Once this is decided I'll send you a digital agreement to sign and an invoice for downpayment. Next, I’ll have you complete some “homework” which will consist of a comprehensive questionnaire.  

step 03
Design + Refine

Next I’ll start working on the heart of your new identity. The logo design. During this phase you'll receive your second deliverable which will consist of one unique logo concept based on your design strategy. Once received, you will have the opportunity to review and request revisions until your are thrilled with with you new design. After the logo design is completed I'll move on to creating and gathering the accompanying elements such as, patterns, graphics and other elements into a brand board. You'll then have a chance to review and request revisions on the final board. Afterwards, I'll take your newly designed brand and continue it throughout your print material and social media design to complete your new identity.

step 04

Once all design elements have been revised and approved I'll send an invoice for final payment and package up all of your files and send then to you via Dropbox. When competed, you will have a clear and effective identity that will help to attract your ideal clients. Now you can kickback and celebrate because we did it! Hooray! 

For more detailed information view my media kit.